Binary Tarball Download & Setup

The Electric Coin Company provides a binary tarball for download.

Download Tarball for Debian Jessie v2.1.0-1

Download Tarball for Debian Stretch v2.1.0-1

After downloading but before extracting, verify that the checksum of the tarball matches the hash below for the version of the binary you downloaded:

Debian Jessie:

sha256sum zcash-2.1.0-1-linux64-debian-jessie.tar.gz

Result: ca79de0f6e37060e3abccebae6a4336f7a3017099078b05fd1eb12dc4ffd9b43

Debian Stretch:

sha256sum zcash-2.1.0-1-linux64-debain-stretch.tar.gz

Result: aec6b3c4178c5ceb4e7b7ed3aaa96078b88b872640c7bb38208d5bce48e3f75c

This checksum was generated from our gitian deterministic build process. View all gitian signatures.

Once you’ve verified that it matches, extract the files and move the binaries into your executables $PATH:

tar -xvf zcash-2.1.0-1-linux64.tar.gz

mv -t /usr/local/bin/ zcash-2.1.0-1/bin/*

Now that Zcash is installed, run this command to download the parameters used to create and verify shielded transactions:


Finally, set up ~/.zcash/zcash.conf before running Zcash as your local user, as documented in the User Guide.