Development Best Practices

We pledge to respect all contributors. In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming community, we also expect contributors to adhere to the contributor code of conduct.

Development workflow

The Development workflow and guidelines will get you up to speed and contribute to Zcash projects. It talks about the Zcash Github workflow, which has a few quirks from the general git flow, how Zcash core developers code and test, and the nuts and bolts of operation (CI, versioning, and release process).

Handling Zcash features

The Zcash feature UX checklist will give you an idea of how Zcash features are standardly treated, and how you should design for them. For instance, shielded addresses should be used long term, since using a new one per transaction (industry standard) does not provide additional privacy. These lessons learned over time will save you some technical complexity and support calls if you follow these guidelines.